Listen: Waze & Odyssey BBC R1 Esssential Mix

London production duo Serge Santiago and Firas Waez began life behind a mysterious shroud, but they’ve long since blown cover and assaulted the UK dance scene head on. In fact, likelihood is that if you’ve been in a club since the beginning of the year you’ve heard new classics ‘Ways Of The Underground’ and ‘Feel […]

26th March, 2015
posted by Footman

Moshi Moshi: Top 5 Acts to Discover

They might not be the biggest, but there’s something about this East London indie that attracts the heavyweights. With a love of music that’s tangible through their singles club, live eventsĀ and formidable roster, they’ve counted some of the biggest names in the UK music scene in their release catalogue since setting up in 1998. We […]

24th March, 2015
posted by Footman

Bugged Out Top 5: LOK Moments

We sat down with Johnno and Charlotte from prolific party outfit BUGGED OUT, about their fav memories from playing Land of Kings over the years…   1. THE FIRST EVER LAND OF KINGS We DJed with Tayo in Dreams – an old Turkish wedding venue. It was beyond tacky (the venue and probably the music). […]

19th March, 2015
posted by Footman