Do You Expect Service With A Smile?

A getaway pops up, and you wonder what to do with the free time. You have some few coins, and you probably have no idea on how best to spend. Alternatively, you could be having a friends’ hangout, and you think of the best thing to do that will make your click of friends enjoy […]

Should You Opt For The Traditional 3 Courses?

When we hear the term ‘a square meal’, what do we think of? Usually something wholesome and hearty. Meat and two veg, that sort of thing. These associations probably arise because we’ve developed an innate, intuitive understanding of balance to what we eat.  But just as there’s a sense of balance that comes in how often we […]

What A Menu Tells You About Restaurant Quality

A restaurant menu acts as a gateway into a highly succulent world. A simple menu will for instance highlight the different kinds of dishes available in a facility. It will also indicate the amount of money that you will need to pay for each dish.However, all restaurateurs are aware of the fact that a menu […]