A Letter from Gideon Reeling, Esq.

Dear Ladies (and gentlemen) of the WC. Its time to get the Spring Season properly underway. Spring must be coming soon and the ladies of the WC think its time to get the Starty Partied with a May Day Starty.

The WC  invite you to the most charming, and possibly the stupidest, cabaret-cum Womens’ Committee meeting on offer. For new members and for tired Old members we’ve put together a May Day Celebration to flutter under your bonnets and lift the skirts and the spirits. 

Your hosts, the Ladies of the WC will guide you through an evening of music, passion, laughs, games, dancing, a fabulous raffle, prices, crafting and fun. There  will be a crowning of the queen of the May, inspiration from the famously inspirational guru David McWizard, some sherry and a box wine, and also the girls from Heart and Soul-winners of last year’s Yes Factory. 

The ladies do appreciate a themed outfit so guests are invited to dress up if they wish in their May Day Finery. There will be prizes as always for the best dressed so don your garlands, wear a frock and let the May Day celebrations commence. A special prize will go to anyone who comes dressed as a May Pole.

Finally for all you keen bakers there will be a homemade Fudge competition so don’t forget to lay your entries on the cake table upon arrival. 

Of course you can just turn up as you are for laughs and disco dancing.
Looking forward to seeing all your spring faces then.


If you’re still unsure of what the hell this is all about, make sure you get yourself to the Arcola Tent at Land of Kings, hosted by the ever more enigmatic cohorts of Gideon Reeling. Theatrical purveyors of surreal experiences, they’ve brought their brand of bespoke bizarrity to everywhere from Glastonbury and Bestival to Ibiza and The Big Chill.

All shall be revealed. But we can’t promise it’ll be any less strange when it is. Expect to enter confused, and leave bewildered (but oh so much happier for it)…


Soho Theatre: “The most bizarre office Christmas party you will ever attend” (2011)  

Le Cool: “It’s the Christmas Party season. But before you go to your awful evening, you should go to this.. it’s critically acclaimed and it’s bananas. Brought to you by the brilliant Gideon Reeling” (2012)  

The Evening Standard: “Riotous Merriment”