A Room Full of Kipple

East London-based photographer Dan Tobin Smith is filling his studio with rubbish, and serving up supper.

From the guy that brought you the album cover for Jay Z’s The Blueprint 3, and has flexed his creative fingers for the likes of Nike, Bacardi, Sony… Tobin Smith is venturing into the bizarre territory of life’s by-products. For his latest installation – based on ‘kipple’ i.e. clutter – he’s collecting 200 square metres of rubbish (found and donated by helpful strangers on a spring clean frenzy), and taking photos of it. To top it al off, he’ll be holding supper clubs amid the chaos, with diners seated amongst heaps of junk while dining on a menu inspired by kipple.

Inspired by ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ – the 1968 novel by Philip K Dick – Tobin Smith’s exhibition deals with the “pointless, spent and obsolete stuff that is a by-product of daily life.” From match boxes, empty perfume bottles, chairs, and shoes to mugs, hair clips and pens, anything goes.

The installation will open to the public as part of the London Design Festival – and if you fancy donating some of your unwanted fodder, head to the Call for Kipple website.


The First Law of Kipple will be on show from 13-21 September from 10am-6pm daily at the Dan Tobin Smith studio, 52c Whitmore Road.