Birthdays: Dalston’s New Den

Attention ye citizens of Dalston, for Birthdays hath charged into town. Make way for the brand new music venue that has laid down roots on the Dalston strip, born from the ashes of a discarded, disused, dismayed old retail unit. Once, its vacant empty walls yearned for the chatter of voices, the tapping of feet and thumping of bass, now it’s been given a new lease of life, reinvigorated for the people of N16, E8 and beyond and transformed into a two-story no-holds-barred fun-factory. Venture inside its welcoming walls and you’ll find a massive soundsystem, a stage, pretty lights, all the things you’d expect to find in a bar-come-venue, and more. It’s being taken over by Jack Daniel’s JD Roots for Land Of Kings, with a line-up set to knock your socks off and restart the building’s dormant heart: Trophy Wife, Is Tropical, Virginia Wing, O Children, Maria Minerva, Fever Dream, Stay+, Trevor Jackson and Kwesachu (pictured) are all set to swing through its doors. So come one come all, and help us christen a building once condemned to ruin and sad decay, now reborn, resurrected and ready to rumble.