Camille Walala: To Infinity & Beyond

Land of Kings/Land of Kids Art Director and bastion of positivity Camille Walala will be turning her alchemic artistry to UV, concocting a dreamy cosmic backdrop to the brilliance for Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston’s A Love From Outer Space as well as lending her creative eye to the festivals as a whole. With her bold, graphic signature style that grabs you by the eyes and slaps you awake, and full-blooded approach to colour, we can’t wait to see what she cooks up for us.

We caught up with her before the festivities commence…


Hey Camille.  What are you up to today?

I am currently working on Land Of Kings and Land of Kids doing the Art direction for it. I am really excited to be part of it this year again. I have been playing around with the visuals and the aesthetic of the two festivals (Land of Kings/Land of Kids) and translating it into decoration that you will be able to see on massive scale around the 2 days of the’s going to be big bright and bold!

And we hear you are playing with UV lights too?

After doing the Walala Greasy Spoon last year, this time I’m doing a Walala UV Room. Expect a strong Fluo  Patterns room in 360 degree from floor to ceiling – Arcola’s Studio 3. I can’t wait to see everyone in there dancing to A Love From Outer Space. I hope everyone is going to wear white or fluo  to make the experience ever more FULL ON

What’s next?
I have some really exciting other projects after that toon – two other festivals, a collaboration with a shoeswear brand and some make over pop-up dinner where I’ll change an existing cafe in two hours to transform it into a totally new experience.
What is it that interests you about working with festivals?
I love the idea that I am contributing to the fun and amazing time that people come to have at festivals. It gave my goosebumps to see people in clubs/ venues that I create.
Whats your top festival survival tip
These are my own survival tips
Good dancing shoes – red lipstick – a kind of bum bag  which hopefully will stay attached to me during the festival – plenty of water – a phone full of battery.
What’s your most memorable festival moment?
Flying Lotus at Bestival 2 years ago. I’ve never heard or seen anything like this!! He is amaaaaazing on stage and the visuals blew my mind!! can’t wait for more
But in the meantime I can’t wait for the weekend and the heatwave on sunday! (oh yes)
See you there…