Chrome Hoof Q+A



As we psych ourselves up for the pscyadelic doom-metal by way of disco-house musical beast that is Chrome Hoof at Land of Kings next week, we fired some questions their way for a chit chat.

You’re back after what seems a long time away. What have you been up to in that time

Various side projects and racket sports .

What can you tell us about your fourth album? Where are you taking it, musically?

Taking it down Cyber kraut funk nitro pop Avenue..

What one word best sums it up?


You’re celebrating 13 years together as a band, from back in the day when it was just Milo and Leo. What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt in that time?

Have a back up plan!
And keep sight of why you started the band..
(just Leo in the band now)

Costumes have always been a huge part of the band’s identity and you’ve said you’ve got some new ideas planned for LOK – can you give us a hint what to expect? What’s been your favourite costume so far to date?

The new ones are the best..of’ll see on the night

What have you got lined up for your LOK show? What can people who’ve never seen you before expect?

To expect nothing and thy rewards will be infinite..

You’ve toured quite a lot across Europe – is there a particular country that you go down really well in? Why that particular place?

Luckily Pretty much goes down well everywhere… so far..

What’s floating your boat musically at the moment? Anything you’ve got on repeat?

Don Cherry ‘Brown Rice’ and Tomorrows Achievements-Parry Music 76-86

Tell us your favourite Dalston place to hangout?

Peppers and Spice African kitchen(Dalston border)

What best sums up E8 for you?