Sure it’s drizzling, but do we care? NO. Nothing as pesky as the weather will bring us down on such a glorious day as this! As you wile away the hours waiting for the clock to strike, the week to end, and the royal festivities to begin, take another peek at the schedule, get yourself geared up over the line-up, and if you haven’t already – buy your advance tickets! They’re more expensive on the door, and we’re in a recession and all that lark.


Secondly, make sure you follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with line-up additions, secret guests, and general festival goings-on. We wouldn’t want you to be out of the loop now, would we?


Thirdly, pick up your wristbands from the Box Office: Magnolia, 15 Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BH. Hours are 6pm – Midnight.


Fourthly, if you’ve got any queries, fling ’em over to info@landofkings.co.uk. We’ll try our best to be snappy in our responses.


Last (and most important of all) get out your glad rags, slip on your stomping shoes, don your crowns and join the kingdom for two days of total, unadulterated, regal bliss. Welcome to Land Of Kings.