Dalston Roof Park: NTMY#4

So we hear on the grapevine that Dalston Roof Park is to be taken over by creative brainiacs this evening. How very wonderful, how very Dalston.

Words and Pictures – the betrothed creative yin & yang – are the subject of tonight’s entertainment at the Dalston Roof Park, care of Nice To Meet You #4. We’re greedy buggers over East we are, and so with that in mind the NTMY team have lined up THREE speakers to spoil our creative noggins. Award-winning illustrator Marion Deuchars will take the podium first, sharing her deft-handed knowledge with a ‘How To Draw‘ workshop. Seeing as she’s the Queen of Penguin book-jackets, we recommend you pay close attention. Wordsmiths Rob and Molly, from creative word agency We All Need Words are set to follow, a duo whose daily grind sees them working with brands and personalities to develop that all-important career make-or-break-ing ‘voice’. They’ll be throwing around some words of wisdom (pun intended) to file away and whip out next time you need a quick comeback or swift witticism.

In the mix with all this visionary nurture Luv Luv Luv Records will be offering up some musical treats, while Matthew Phelps from Funthyme will provide gastronomic ones. And, as if that wasn’t enough intellectual stimuli for one evening, Claire de Rouen Books will be there with some books to peruse, purchase, and ponder at your leisure. It’s a veritable feast for the brain, senses, and tummy. Yum.

More info can be found here