Dolphins and Dalston with Connan Mockasin

He’s the Kiwi with the mop-top of blonde hair who’s psychedelic-pop sounds have had us dancing for the past few years. He is, of course, Connan Mockasin. We grabbed him for five minutes to chat about his new band, Soft Hair, the difficulty of singing tracks that were never meant to be played live and his surfing heroes.


Land of Kings: Hey Connan – we haven’t heard from you for a while, what have you been up to recently?

Connan: Hey how are you? I have been writing music with some friends and been doing shows outside of the UK and spending some time surfing in Feb/March. My dream is to go on a surfing trip with Kelly Slater.


LOK: You’re signed to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label – what’s it like working with him?

C: Erol gives me complete freedom but I also trust his opinion because he has such good taste.


LOK: Is Forever Dolphin Love an ode to Dalston? (We like to think so when we have it on repeat in the office)

C: I’m not sure but it does have the name Dalston in it.


LOK: Have you started work on your next album yet? How’s it sounding?

C: I’m starting work on my second record. For me, my first record (Forever Dolphin Love) was never meant to be released or performed live so it has been tricky to sing and taken time to learn. I’m looking forward to doing the next record with this in mind. In saying that I’ve just about finished quite a lizardy record with Sam Dust. Together we are Soft Hair.


LOK: It’s hard to escape the Olympics in East London this year. If you were to win a gold medal for any skill what would it be?

C: 100 metre sprint


LOK: What song is currently embedded on your internal jukebox at the moment?

C: Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares 2 U


LOK: Can we expect anything special for your show at DURRR at Land of Kings?

C: The Sopranos


Connan plays DURRR at Land of Kings on Friday 4th May.