Drums of Death Q + A

We sat down for a cup o’ cha with painted electronic warrior Colin Bailey a.k.a Drums of Death to find out more about the man-behind-the-mask. And chat music, Dalston and whatnot.

You’ve spent the last couple of years releasing your “Waves” EPs (Black, Red and Blue) – is there another one due out this year? What colour will it be and what will it sound like?

The “Waves” were conceived as a trilogy and now that’s done.  At the moment I’m working on my new album, I’m very excited about it. Those EPs were my steps away from my old sound to where I am now, a somewhat larger and broader sound.  Big fun synths!

How would you describe the music you’re making at the moment?

Melodic housey, techno with nice voices in.  I’m terrible at that.  Certainly it’s the best music I’ve made and people have been super positive so that’s a good sign.

You’ve been hanging out in a Costa Rican jungle of late. What took you there, and did you find any inspiration for your music while you were there?

I went to see my friends Kelly and Liz from LA. Kelly is a super dope mastering engineer.. he’s done most of Stones Throw’s records so you know he’s pretty amazing.  I thought he and I might work on some bits, maybe.. but in the end we all just swam in the caribbean ocean, went into the jungle and just unwound. They live out there now and I definitely going back. There were sloths… Sloths!

We hear you were working on some tracks for Azealia Banks. How did that go, did she like them? Did you get a chance to meet her and talk music?

We started makes tunes almost 18 months ago. We’ve since met when possible, I’m busy and obviously she’s incredibly so.  I’ve got a special version of Fierce just ready to go.. but it’s on lock-down.  There’s some stuff that’s not seen the light of day yet.  Maybe I’ll play some at LOK.

What can we expect from your show in LOK?

I’m DJing and when I DJ I play mainly vinyl, those records I love and cherish.  So from deep, percussive detroit stuff to more raw garage and techno. Also maybe some boogie funk.. been digging out some mad 7″s.

What’s the one track that you can’t stop playing at the moment (can be your own or someone else’s)

Adeva – “Promises” – Just a sick little jam with some sax from New Jersey house girl Adeva:

What’s the strangest description you’ve heard about someone brand your music?

Electro.  I’ve never really done that stuff.  But whatever, all my music basically goes “doof doof doof” and has laser sounds, so that’s kind of electro right?

What’s been your best night out in Dalston recently?

Thunder at Dance Tunnel.  Dan Beaumont turned me onto the guys Miles and co who run Thunder every month down there. I think it’s the best house night in London.

What frightens you in Dalston?

Nothing frightens me in Dalston, not any more.


Catch Drums of Death DJing at the Week of Wonders showcase at Birthdays