Halloween Top Trumps

Halloween. Love it or hate it you’re still going to find yourself surrounded by middle aged men in dresses, underage girls in borderline pornographic cat costumes, trendies in ironic bankers outfits (but they actually came straight from work), witches, devils, novelty onesies and fake blood that smells like the charity shop VHS section. Since trick-or-treating suddenly became “inappropriate” the minute you realised what a sweet deal you had knocking on strangers’ doors and being given free stuff (sweets! money! praise!), here’s a pick of some other stuff to do this hallow’s eve in our beloved East End to see you through the night(s).


The Doll’s House Halloween Ball

Costumed shindig thrown by Dalston’s Dead Dolls Club in their new Hoxton HQ, The Doll’s House that “calls upon all sinister creatures, cut throats and lunatics to join for a night of fancy dress, deadly cocktails, dancing and feasting.” Like a night round Li-Lo’s, without the ASBOS and smell of desperation.


10 gold coins here



The Lost Boys @ The Rio 

Because nothing’s scarier than vampires dressed like Meatloaf after a Slimfast binge in a Matrix coat. The 1987 ‘classic’ tells the story of some cool guys who turn out to be vampires and go around killing a ton of people in a town. But there’s shoulder pads and power ballads and those jeans that American Apparel now sell for a large fortune because they’re ‘retro’ and Kiefer Sutherland before he got frown-obsessed in 24. Plus, the Rio NEEDS YOUR HELP as it’s running out of money and if people like you don’t go more it might have to close down. Be more Dalston. Support your local.


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A Hallowe’en Seance @ The Last Tuesday Society

As if the cacophony of halloween eventists rallied from boredom to join the world of the dead could upstage Victor Wynd and his cohorts, masters of the macabre all year round. If their annual ‘Dance Macabre’ Halloween Balls don’t tickle your fancy, why not join master magician Philipp Oberlohr as he rouses spirits from the dead in Mare Street’s Little Shop of Horrors. FOR REAL.

21.10.13 & 22.10.13

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Macbeth of Fire & Ice @ Arcola Theatre

Hosts of many a LOK sweatbox, E8’s favourite theatre present “a fast paced, high energy and dynamic telling of the story of Macbeth, influenced by Norse mythology. The raw brutality of the Vikings, the Valkyries legendary powers of persuasion, a mystic forest covered in Nordic lights, earth incessantly bubbling, spewing volcanic eruptions and hissing hot springs make Macbeth of Fire and Ice.” Plus, it’s like cultcha innit.


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The Musical Bingo Halloween Ball @ Concrete

2013 LOK-ers Musical Bingo hunker down in Shoreditch for a Halloween edition of their bingo club, a very modern twist on the granny-saturated classic.


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Of course, you could just borrow your dad’s nylon camel-toed Elvis costume and get shitfaced at the nearest Wetherspoons. Your call.