Increments presents Vitamins

One feature that should pique even the most staunchly cynical of festivalgoer’s interests at this year’s LOK is Increment’s underground installation, Vitamins: an immersive audiovisual experience set in a WWII bunker designed to stimulate the senses.

Conceived by the Lelliot brothers, Ross and Evan, Increments is an art and music project with a difference. Starting a year ago with their Vitamin A exhibition (naturally), they created a 45 minute soundscape of electronic music that felt good for you. Following its success they developed a five-part series bringing more vitamins into the piece. Animated, structural letterforms were developed to interpret and visualise the sounds from each mix, creating the immersive audiovisual element key to the current setup.

Looking glass CC

Following their exhibit at the London Design Festival 2014, the brothers collaborated with the Looking Glass Cocktail Club to take the piece to the next level. The Club were the ideal candidates to take on such a project with their weird and wonderful approach to mixology. Using no small amount of creative flare, Looking Glass Cocktail Club crafted an intricate cocktail list to embody each of the Vitamins in the Lelliot brothers’ work. With a focus on style as well as substance, they blended natural ingredients, true to each compound and vigorous in taste, and prescribed in short medicinal containers.

Increments 2


This collaboration gave birth to the unique, multi sensory experience that is Vitamins, where therapeutic light installations and electronic soundscapes meet innovative, bespoke cocktail making to give you good feels. Who says healing and boozing should be mutually exclusive anyway?