Interview: Dan Beaumont

Dan Beaumont is one of the founding members of Disco Bloodbath, getting basements jumping with choice disco since 2006 and headlining other parties worldwide too with his other DJing guises, Jam Factory and Rhythm Connection. He’s also the man behind one of the area’s most loved bar/kitchen/rave dens, Dalston Superstore, so we had a little chin wag with him about his contribution to Dalston’s nightlife scene.

Land of Kings: Hi Dan – First up, you’ve just celebrated the third birthday of Dalston Superstore – happy birthday!

Dan: Thank you! Yes we had a bit of a party at the weekend… We’re still trying to coax balloons down from the ceiling. It was wild.

LOK: You got in there super-early on the beginnings of Dalston nightlife by opening Dalston Superstore. Had you lived in the area for long before? What gave you the idea to open up the bar? What was the concept behind it?

Dan: Well we weren’t that early… Dalston has been an important nocturnal destination since the 60s. When we started Bloodbath five years ago I could feel something was afoot in Dalston. It took us a couple of years to find the site for Superstore – we could tell the area was going to develop. I had been talking with Dan & Matt from Trailer Trash (and Superstore co-owners) about opening our own venue for years – we felt that there wasn’t really a purpose-built queer-friendly venue in London that took music, food and drink as seriously as we did, so we thought we should open one ourselves

LOK: You’ve played host to some great nights and acts there – what’s been your favourite night you host there?

Dan: Er… all of them?! We’re lucky enough to work with the best. Regular visitors like Optimo, Severino, Rex The Dog, The Lovely Jonjo and loads of others make choosing our favourites difficult. I always enjoy throwing Paris Acid Ball parties with Hannah Holland – they are a scream.

LOK: You were a major player in the club scene as one of the founding members of Disco Bloodbath and now with Jam Factory and Rhythm Connection. Do you think your sound’s changed much over the years? How would you describe a typical set of yours to someone who’s never seen you play?

Dan: It really depends where I’m playing. The most important lesson I learned from watching my favourite DJs was to only ever play music that you genuinely absolutely love, so that’s my only real rule. I play a lot of house music from New York, Chicago and Detroit plus new bangers, disco thumpers, records and edits that friends have made. I usually play a mix of new and old – classics and obscurities alike.

LOK: What’s the song that you just can’t take off repeat at the moment?

Dan: I’m a bit obsessed with Dixon’s edit of The Wanderer by Romanthony at the moment.

LOK: Dazed and Confused magazine have been asking recently if East London is dead – what do you think about this?

Dan: People have been saying that since the London Apprentice reopened as the 333! It’s such a London thing to write off areas as being over to prove how much of an early adopter you are… East London has changed beyond all recognition for sure and with that comes the positive and negative.

LOK: Who’s your Dalston hero?

Dan: My Dalston hero is NTS Live founder Femi Adeyami. NTS is a brilliant internet radio station based in Dalston that I’m fortunate enough to have a fortnightly show on ( It’s run with a real passion for music of all genres and I’m thrilled that I get to be a small part of it.

LOK: Tell us a secret about Dalston.

Dan: The food the stall outside the Ridley Road Market Bar at night… Must eats.


Dan Beaumont plays Land Of Kings on Friday 4th May as part of Durrr’s Arcola takeover.