Interview: To The Lazer Cave

If you’ve got a penchant for lazers, cosmic raves, and covering every available surface in tinfoil, then my friends, Land Of Kings has found your perfect night. To the Lazer Cave is is not a euphemism, or a stage name, or an empty promise: it is a room FULL of lazers, and awesome music. When we say full, we mean full – previously landing in warehouses, house parties, and basement bars, they’re planning to squeeze forty lazers into the Moustache Bar for tomorrow’s cosmic disco. Be warned, the intergalactic rave rages on. We had a chat with founders Jonny Robb, Mikey Allport, Adam Martin, and Simon Mercer…

Land of Kings: So – To The Lazer Cave – where did it all begin? A crazy dream punctuated by lazers?

The Lazer Cave-rs: The lazer cave is a mystical enigma that drifts through time and space, we are merely the people who visit the space on it’s orbit past Earth, it began with the first sighting of the phenomena two years ago at the ? Bar in Dalston.

LOK: Where did the obsessions with lazers start?
LC: I think it was about the age of 12 months when the first words Jonny said were:  “to the lazer cave…”. No-one knew at the time what these strange words meant coming from the child. However, now it is clear that it was a message from the lazer cave itself…

LOK: You’ve built up a reputation for cosmic crazy parties in East London – what’s been your favourite event you’ve done so far?

LC: Every type of event is different, from a fully ‘off the radar’ party powered by 10,000 watt generators with the smell of petrol permeating the air to a tent at a festival, or a massive warehouse rave up – each has it’s plus points. Festival are great because we can rage it up for extended periods, pumping out marathon sets and keeping the party going all weekend or longer, but then warehouse parties are amazing when we have a chance to push the boundaries of interaction and see regulars coming back each time and loving it.

One thing that sticks in our minds was when we did a party in a derelict pub – we looked up from the decks completely soaked through with sweat in the dark long room, , to see the place going mental people were punching the ceiling with their fists and plasterboard was raining down all around… we were literally bringing down the roof!

Then at the last warehouse party, the atmosphere was still as mental but on a larger scale which is hard to achieve when the party is so big. The sense of achievement and how far we’d come was immense when we walked in at the start of the night to see the full lazer weaponry deployed for what turned out to be a truly epic rave.

LOK: What sort of vibe can people expect at your parties?
LC: It feels like 4am all night. You actually have no idea where you are – but you don’t care because you’re loving it.

LOK: What have you got planned for your LOK party?
LC: Shitloads of lazers, shitloads of smoke, epic cosmic bangers and a space enigma full of serious party.

LOK: What would be your dream event for Lazer Cave to do?
LC: We love our warehouse parties, they’re raging! However we’d love to curate our own area at a large festival or do a lazer and mirror installation at Burning Man in the middle of the desert!

LOK: What track is never off your decks at the moment?
LC: We couldn’t decide on one so had to pick three! One for the start, mid and end of the night!! So here they are in order:

X-Ray Connection – Get Ready

Yuksek – Off the wall (DJ Harvey remix)

Lindstrøm – Grand Ideas (Prins Thomas Radio Edit)

LOK: Where’s your favourite place to party in Dalston?
LC: We love the reliable back-bone party venues such as The Nest and Superstore, however what gets us really excited is the random parties in laundrettes, downstairs restaurants and dilapidated buildings. You can’t beat slammin’ it out in a restaurant where you once ate a respectable meal.


To the Lazer Cave host the Moustache Bar on Friday 4th May at Land Of Kings