Justin ‘Kutmah’ Mcnulty has had his fair share of troubles. Born in the UK to Egyptian parents who decided to relocate to the US, his green-card shenanigans led to him being seized by armed immigration agents, interrogated in downtown LA, hauled to a desert detention centre under federal conditions and finally deported back to the UK. His story, alongside the global ‘Free Kutmah’ campaign it spawned, is like a film script just waiting to be ripped open and Hollywoodified. He’s a prolific Producer, DJ and painter, and laid the foundations for the tripped-out electronic hip-hop scene in LA that has since taken the West Coast by storm (think Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing). He’ll play anything, so long as he likes it, resulting in a set that’s as eventful and surprising as his US backstory, only awesome. Well, Feds, who has the last laugh now?