The best things always come in pairs: Ren & Stimpy, Ben & Jerry, Bangers & Mash, Gilbert & George, Holmes & Watson, you get the gist. Stepping foot into the corridor of iconic duos and joining the halls of fame, are Kwes and Micachu. If their collaboration was a chemistry experiment, it would be the kind you have to stand four feet away from, in protective goggles, behind a glass screen. Already great on their own, together they are so explosive, so frenetic with innovative brilliance, your body has no chance but to be seduced by the rhythms they weave, thrown at your ears like solar flares. They’ve just dropped their second mixtape, another tapestry of eclectic sounds, twitchy beats and guest appearances from Speech Debelle & Ghostpoet (among others) massaged together into something epic, to follow their initial 2009 release.