Secret Dungeon Disco

Our friends at The Pool Agency and Thump didn’t want to take the easy or obvious route this Land of Kings. That’s why, come next Sunday, they’ll be hosting a Secret Dungeon Disco, somewhere in the heart of Dalston. The whereabouts of the festival’s dungeon won’t be announced until the day itself, but the curiosities set to inhabit it are no secret. Drawing on the Pool’s empire of talent, there’ll be Melbourne hell raisers and bizzaro disco duo Zanzibar Chanel, set to cut another hole in the fabric of the norm with their wild antics. Also on the bill, from Spain via Berlin, Capablanca will inspire and delight with his genre splintering arrangements.

For a small taste of what to expect, here’s Zanzibar Chanel channeling their unique style into the mix for local champions of the airwaves, NTS Radio.