Live Art Speed Date

Get your glad rags ready for the most bizarre experiences of the year. Titillated? Good. Speed-dating sucks. It’s one long marathon of awkwardness. Growing N16 art collective Stoke Newington International Airport will ignite a furnace of chaotic brilliance in the newly uncovered basement of the fabled Dalston Boys’ Club. A horde of artists, performers, musicians, ersatz experts and suspect magicians will await to welcome you on a bespoke date, a date won through conquering a maze of wild, whimsical challenges, and successfully obtaining a gleaming golden ticket. It’s somewhere between Willy Wonka, backstreet theatre and the Circus, and everyone’s welcome.
You arrive to a flurry of neon and colour, costumes, constant movement and quizzical characters. There’s a beckoning bar and goodtime music in the airwaves. Your fellow daters are furrow-deep in strange tasks – carving faces into potatoes, offering up their DNA, forming human pyramids. The ones who complete the challenges are offered a ticket by a character clad in gold, only to disappear ‘upstairs’. “What’s upstairs?”, people whisper. “What’s upstairs?”, you wonder, so you try your hand at a challenge. You succeed. One of the golden few pushes a token into your hand, and leads you upstairs, through the curtain to another, Other, world. You’re token says B3, and you glide entranced to booth B3. A hand beckons you in.
When your first date is over, you’re led back downstairs under the strict rule of total secrecy. You’re enlightened, you want to do it again, you need more, you crave more. So you try another challenge…