Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton is one of house music’s true originals, an eccentric ex-pat American DJ/Producer with the Midas touch, turning good tunes into hellraising dancefloor epics. The Wire dubbed him “the most rhythmically inventive producer working in electronic dance music right now”, a lofty accolade, and it was his tendency for slightly maverick left-field production that won his reputation as the Yankee King of Weird House. His production wizadry is all over the 90s house legacy, having released tracks through Nuphonic, Warp, Transfusion, Spectrum, Tirk and Cottage, leading the zeitgeist art-disco scene. As if that weren’t enough, he also collaborated with the infamous Basement Boys production team and Ultra Nate, and was the juggernaut behind slamming successes Crystal Waters’ ‘Gypsy Woman’, and ‘Love Love Love’ by Those Guys.