Meatwagon Interview

The chargrilled crust of a burger, gently giving way to a juicy mouthful of perfectly seasoned meat, a hint of fresh chilli kicking in, all encased in a perfect sourdough bun to mop up the…*dribbles* Sorry, we got a bit carried away. But we’re so excited to be blessed with The Meatwagon and their world-class burgers back at Land of Kings for another year. We grabbed five minutes with the burger king himself, Yianni Papoutsis, to talk about The Meatwagon’s plan for global domination…

Land of Kings: Hi Yianni – you’ve been busy since the last LOK and have expanded to two restaurants – can you tell us a bit about them?
Yianni: MEATliquor opened in November 2011 on Welbeck Street and has been jam-packed full of carnivores ever since. It’s loud, noisy and everything I love about bars.
MEATmarket opens around LOK time over in Covent Garden and is geared for a more eat and run or take-out crowd. It’s a very different offering. Some of the old classics will be on the menu along with a whole load of other new things, but everything geared towards convenience rather than sitting around for hours on end sucking down burgers and guzzling cocktails like MEATliquor is.
Of course we’ve still also got the MEATwagon popping up at festivals and parties here-and-there too.
LOK:What’s your favourite item on the new menus?
Y: The Wedge Salad with extra bacon at MEATliquor and the new Black Palace burger over at MEATmarket.

LOK: You kick started a bit of a burger revolution in London – is there much rivalry between you and the other burger guys?
Y: Not as far as I know: We tend to just keep our heads down and do our own thing.

LOK: Now you’ve perfected the best-ever burger, what will you set your sights on next?
Y: I’m not done here yet. Not by a long way.

LOK: What’s your favourite drink to go with a burger?
Y: Beer or Rootbeer.
LOK: Are you planning anything special for The Meatwagon at LOK this year?
Y: I might stay sober…
LOK: Where’s your favourite place in Dalston for a late night snack?
Y: Mangal 1 Ocakbasi on Arcola Street. Every time.

Make sure to look out for Yianni and his finger-licking burgers from Meatwagon at the Curve Garden on Saturday, where his finger-licking burgers will be yours to munch from the afternoon onwards.