Moshi Moshi: Top 5 Acts to Discover

They might not be the biggest, but there’s something about this East London indie that attracts the heavyweights. With a love of music that’s tangible through their singles club, live events and formidable roster, they’ve counted some of the biggest names in the UK music scene in their release catalogue since setting up in 1998. We had a chinwag with Stephen Bass, half of Moshi Moshi’s founding force, about his top 5 acts to discover this summer. Get out and smell the greener grass.


Meilyr Jones 2
We just signed this man who has written and crafted a beautiful album of romantic pop songs, recorded live with an orchestra over a series of sessions at a beautiful studio in London. Last month we saw him play live for the first time and were blown away – imagine if you will a combination of Mick Jagger and Jarvis Cocker in one joyful, charming package, but with an angelic air of mischief… and you start to get close.
Intense rock and roll so ambitious and brilliant it almost sounds like jazz in places. Brave and bold and pulling no punches, Kiran is going to be making classic albums for years to come and is a great live act to watch (please do NOT confuse with Kieran).
Incredible pop songs that Madonna would probably kill for, a fantastic guitar player and singer, and a great live act, you should see Lonelady whenever you can.
LCD, St Germain and Neu fans can all find solace in Boxed In’s music. A euphoric piano-driven live performance which whips you up musically but then sweetens you when you realise that the songs are even better.
…and anything related to Floating Points in any way (Fatima/Eglo Records etc). OK so maybe this was the sound of my summer last year, but I am hoping to see Floating Points play or DJ at some point this year. And Fatima. Brilliant, brilliant dance music productions, everything is Just So. Perfect. See also Moomin.