Oslo, Ahoy

It was bound to happen. Now that Kingsland Road is bulging with new pop-ups, caffs, brunch traps and bars, and the wine-bars and residencies have flooded Mare Street, it was only a matter of time before someone spotted that MASSIVE building next to Hackney Central and thought, I’ll have a crack at that.

Occupying a space that until now was mostly corner shops, takeaways, and a slightly out of place M&S, OSLO has thrown anchor in a big way as the new foodie destination / gig venue / cocktail bar. For one, it’s huge. For another, it’s Nordic, which bodes well for a country currently obsessed with anything Scandinavian and/or Danish thanks to The Killing, The Bridge, Borgen. and Sarah Lund’s festive jumpers.

We’re pretty spoilt for choice are we Dalstonites when it comes to picking where to go eat/drink/dance, so here’s to another string to the neighbourhood’s bow. Plus they’re going to town with the zeitgeist desire for Local – local produce and local ingredients whizzed up into adventurous dishes by Dave Ahern, formerly of House of Wolf, and local craft ales from Redemption, Five Point Brewing Company, Sambrook.

We hear the food’s pretty good, the drinks pretty fresh and the crowd pretty gung-ho. Could be a winner.



Did you know the place became a World War II ticketing office and is the only surviving part of the original station, which was shuttered in the 1970s? Us neither. Thanks Hackney Citizen.