Owiny Sigoma Band Soundsystem

In 2009 a group of London-based musicians travelled to Nairobi with a project aiming to expose the area’s cultural music-scape and foster a creative collaboration between musicians from opposing continents. Unlike many cliche initiatives that most likely end in a few gap-year kids with guitars faffing around on some tribal drum before jetting back to home-comforts with some native beads, the fruits of the project’s labour resulted in a snappy signing to Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings imprint. The Brits, Jesse Hackett (keys), Louis Hackett (bass), Sam Lewis (guitar), Chris Morphitis (bouzouki/guitar) and Tom Skinner (drums), originated as members of the electronic hip-hop/soul collective Elmore Judd. In Kenya, they fused their sound with local musicians Joseph Nyamungu and Charles Owoko, to create a treasure trove of traditional Kenyan Luo style, hypnotic Afro grooves, and contemporary electronic twists. Even if it’s pissing down with rain, expect to feel heat in your blood and rhythm in your bones.