Rory Phillips’ Top 5

Rory Phillips – the man behind the mighty DURRR club and DJ extraordinaire – will be hitting Land of Kings for another set that will have people buzzing about it long after the weekend’s finished. In the mean time, he fills us in on his Top 5 tracks of the now…


1. Chromatics – Kill For Love

This record came from nowhere, it was on iTunes within 24 hours of being completed. Fantasticly woozy dream pop.


2. Metronomy – Loving Arm (Soul Clap Mix)

Had the pleasure of hearing my good friend JDH play this recently and instantly had to know who had remixed it. A great version.


3. Rory Phillips – Chamber Music

Yes, shameless plug alert, for this, the first release on my subscription 12″ singles club. Sign up at while you still can!


4. Arcade Fire – The Sprawl (Soulwax Mix)

Although ‘The Suburbs’ came out seemingly ages ago, this new Soulwax mix for Record Shop Day has brought one of the standout tracks to the dance floor


5. Tomorrow’s World – So Long My Love

New project from New Young Pony Club’s Lou Hayter and JB from Air, best filed under Motorik Pop Musik.


Rory plays DURRR at Land of Kings on Friday 4th may with Connan Mockasin, Dan Beaumont and Lovely Jonjo