Servant Jazz Quarters Line-Up

Servant Jazz Quarters is like the place in your dreams where you float through a party so brilliant it saddens you to think it probably couldn’t ever happen in real life. Think: underground prohibition speakeasy meets alluring art-deco saloon: a fairy-lit houseparty and midnight jazz den for nocturnal souls. Thanks to a cracking whip-line of talent set to grace SJQ at LOK, that dream is set to become a two night reality. Each night offers up live music and DJs, swinging you from dusk till way past dawn. On Friday, the stage will be dominated by the Afro-Indian rhythms, jazz harmonies and improvisational live looping of Spirit of Mantra with Johnny Cox and Siemy Di, followed by deftly spun spiritual jazz and tropical beats from DJ King Knut. On Saturday, stomp your feet and flash your knees to All The Queen’s Ravens and their intoxicating mix of southern blues, country, and English/Hispanic folk. Twirl through a hazy world of beauty, love, pity and desire with the kaleidoscopic psychadelia of Hall Of Mirrors. Get lost in the noise-drenched DIY-pop-folktronica and layered harmonic soundscapes of Liverpool sirens Stealing Sheep (pic). And when the revelry has ended, pinch yourself just to make sure it was real.