Slagbox at Land of Kings

Are you fed up with the state of your love life?


So are the ladies behind Slagbox, the singles night for people who hate singles nights. There’ll be a whole load of loving (and lusting) going on at Land of Kings on Friday 4th May as Slagbox bring their unique take on dating to the festival, but in the meantime, we chatted to the creators of this pairing-up party.


LOK: Talk us briefly through how Slagbox works

Slagbox: You pay your pound, we give you a number. You scan the stickered dancefloor and note the number of your suitor. You write them a cheeky note as formal or as informal as you like, but don’t be rude! You choose whether to add or omit your own number. You pop it in the SLAGBOX where it will be read out by the compere during the evening. BOOM! BTW, pink stickers for the gays!

LOK: Every event you’ve done so far has been rammed – are you surprised with how well it’s taken off?

Slagbox: The reaction to it thus far – amazing. We’ve had so much interest from single punters and various magazines/blogs/production companies. Now that internet dating is commonplace we think people are looking for good old fashioned edgy face-to-face flirting. We are reclaiming sexy and romantic for ourselves and our Slagboxers.

LOK: What’s the best/worst chat up line submitted to Slagbox?

Slagbox: BEST: To number 82: I’m like Dominos pizza, if you don’t come in 30 minutes, the next one is free
WORST: To number 100: it’s me – BEN!! Remember?

LOK: Do many people hook up at your nights?

Slagbox: Yes! Miss 4 snogged 3 people during the erection section! We have also had reports of dates and are expecting news of the first Slagbox baby any day now…


Slagbox will be at Land of Kings on Friday 4th May