Soft Rocks’ Top 5 Lazer Guided Bombs

As we speak, the Soft Rocks rocket hurtles through space and time, on a planetary voyage to bring mania and mayhem to the floors of dance. Taking time out from their intergalactic duties, the four-piece run us through their Top 5 Lazer Guided Bombs (or ‘tunes’, for those of you who don’t speak Lazer Cave). If you think this is good, just wait till they crashland into Moustache Bar at Land Of Kings. You won’t know what’s hit you.

1) Soft Rocks – Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen remix)
Uh-oh, here come the big boys! Vandervolgen steps up to the plate and smashes it out of the park. Trademark space echo madness over a disco groove that won’t quit. If there was any justice in the world this would be played on Pete Tong’s radio show (note: there isn’t).

2) Spike – New Germany (DJ Nature remix)
The cream of a very creamy crop of golf channel promos that recently thudded onto our door mat. Loopy, swinging, gritty house music that could have been made any time in the last 15 odd years. For us, this is Milo’s best work to date.

3) The Backwoods – Cloud Nine (Stallions remix)
Our label boss, Lovefingers, teams up with Doug Lee and delivers an orbital baiting, trance banger (let’s not mince our words) ┬áthat’s going to rip the roof off.

4) Wolf Muller – Lagerfeuer Tanz
Tribal percussive workouts on Themes From Great Cities, our new favourite label (we were late on it as per normal). Beautifully packaged experimental music presented with obvious love. Full respect!

5) Cro Magnon – Riding the Storm (Version Idjut)
Wild live dubbing hot from the desk of dem Idjut Boys. Strictly drum and bass (not drum n bass).

Soft Rocks play at ‘To The Lazer Cave…’ party at Land Of Kings on Friday 5th May