The Four Aces Club Radio Programme

At Land Of Kings 2012 we were blessed to have the screening of Winstan Whitter’s documentary on the legendary Four Aces Club, “Legacy In The Dust”. Having spent eleven years painstakingly charting the history of this iconic, but now sadly demolished Hackney venue, the film spans four decades, delving into the history of what was once the heart and soul of the vibrant music scene in Dalston. From American Soul to Jamaican Ska and Blue Beat, Reggae, Lovers Rock, Sound System, Dub Reggae, Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Acid House and Drum ‘n’ Bass, music thrived and flourished at The Four Aces, and saw the likes of everyone from Desmond Dekker and The Ronettes, to The Prodigy flutter through its talent-steeped walls.

In this radio programme, Winstan chats to Henry Scott-Irvine at Resonance FM about “Legacy In The Dust”, the Club, and the musical ghost of Dalston’s past: a lost world that was for 40 years a thriving hub of live ‘roots music’.


Listen here