The Walala Greasy Spoon

Setting out to create something that is bold and colourful, visually and gastronomically, The Walala Greasy Spoon is tantalising collaboration between London based designer Camille Walala and East London chef Kate de Syllas. Imagine the Mad Hatter’s own dining club, having ditched his old life and migrated East.
Camille’s inner creative talents will be let loose on the naked walls of a shy caf, releasing her trademark tribal pop prints and positive messages all over the shop. Her penchant for high octane colours will transform the space into a Walalaland experience for one night and one night only. To compliment the spruced-up interior, Kate de Syllas will inject her dishes with the same sense of fun and pop sensibility to update the traditional greasy spoon menu with unexpected flavours and the best ingredients. Think banana splits and burgers revolutionised. These lalaladies don’t do things by halves.
To add to this culinary fe(a)stival, up and coming baker du jour Robert Agren will be providing a mountain of mouthwatering carbs and musical treats will be delivered in the form of playlists from local DJs.